Forno Bravo is an Italian manufacturer of wood-fired ovens. Their ovens are unique in that they are shipped as prefabricated segments which are then assembled by you on your site. They have a very strong reputation and their site is wonderful! If you would rather build a brick oven from scratch they even have a free eBook to walk you through the process! To receive the eBook you'll first have to register, then they'll send you a confirmation email with a link to your free download. I did this some time ago and can confirm that they do not SPAM your inbox following the registration.

They have an active forum, links, recipes, photos and lots more.
Here's a few links to my favorite things on their site:

The Pompeii Oven Plans

The Firenze Concept Oven

Pizza Oven Glossary

Pizza Oven FAQ

Pizza Oven Anatomy

Pizza Oven Design Styles

Outdoor Kitchen Design Primer

Vera Pizza Napoletana

Pizza Oven Photograph Journal

The Ancient Pompeii Oven Photos

A Brief History of the Pizza Oven

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